Ligchine ScreedSaver Max

A lot of machine at a very reasonable price

The ScreedSaver Max is the workhorse of the Ligchine fleet and Max owners would say it is the best value of any Boom operated laser guided screed in the world.  You get a lot of machine at a very reasonable price!

ScreedSaver Max integrates the technologies of the standard ScreedSaver II with the added features of front wheel drive and rear wheel steering: a 90o manual pivoting drive frame; and Kubota’s 25hp D902 Diesel motor. Like all Ligchine screeds Max is a wireless remote controlled screed.

· Integrated technology of the ScreedSaver II™
· Front wheel drive / rear wheel steering
· A 90° manual pivoting drive frame
· Kubota’s 25hp D902 Diesel motor
· Screed Head: 3.8m
· Boom Extension: 5.5m
Frame width (o/s to o/s of Downrigger Pads) = 6ft 4" (1.93m)
Front Tyres (o/s to o/s) width = 5ft 5" (1.65m)

Boom arm retracted = 14ft 4" (4.4m)
Boom arm extended = 30ft 1" (9.35m)

Top of fibreglass hood = 4ft (1.2m) (machine sitting in down position)
Top of Muffler (highest point) = 5ft 2.5" (1.6m) (machine sitting in down position)

4,380 lbs (1,986 kgs) with a full tank of fuel (without Screed Head attached)

Extension distance = 18ft (5.5m)

Screed Head
Auger/Plow Head = 12ft 6″ (3.8m). Weight = 260 lbs (118 kgs)

Screed Coverage
225 square feet/pass (20.9m²) per pass.

Levelling Systems
Automatic Laser Levelling – activate the wireless control button and the machine automatically adjusts the screed head at a rate of 10 times/second.
Manual Levelling (wet screed) – 3 Hydraulic down riggers independently controlled with wireless radio.

Electrical System
FCC/EC approved Wireless Transmitter and Receiver with backup cable control. 12 VDC operating system. Sealed Calcium/Calcium Automotive Battery. Electronics Control Centre with centralised fuse and relay panel.

Kubota D902 series, 3-cylinder, water cooled, 25 HP diesel motor. Tier 4, Stage IIIA compliant. Includes electric start, high capacity alternator and Lofa Diagnostics control panel.

Fuel System
Diesel fuel – 8 Gallon (30L) holding tank (TPM 40 CFR Part 1039 Section 625 and CCR 2423(d) compliant).

Drive System
Front wheel drive hydraulic piston motors with wireless control.
Rear wheel hydraulic steering with wireless control.
90° pivoting undercarriage drive frame for parallel to the pour driving.

4 wheel/tyre combination. Tyres – Carlisle 6 ply Trac Chief – 28/8.50 x 15.

Hydraulic System
Open loop with Master Manifold control. Fan cooled radiator. Fluid level, temperature and pressure gauges.
Dual filtration system = In line filter + Magnetic suction pump.

Hydraulic Fluid
20 Gallon (75L) capacity. ISO32 hydraulic fluid.
High Performance Screed Head
Superflat 'Paver' Screed Head
Axiom 1155 Floor Profiler
Downrigger Rubber Pad Extensions
Lift Harness
Raised Screeding Platform (6 pack)
Raised Screeding Platform (2 pack)
Drive On Mats
Track Set
Float/Bump Cutter
Screed Head Spare Parts Kit
Spectra Precision® GL722 Laser
Spectra Precision® UL633 Laser
Spectra Precision® GL422 Laser

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